Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable (AP) departments are responsible for ensuring all valid invoices from vendors are processed, approved, and paid. From receiving invoices to payment and archiving, errors can arise in each step of the process. Invoices usually flow through several steps depending on organizational rules, which can make the whole process error-prone.

Automating AP speeds up your invoice processing and eliminates high operational costs, late payment fees and errors in the process.


Invoice receival

Vendor invoices from are usually received through different channels and in various formats like PDF, XML, JPG and paper..). Automating invoice receipt, sorting and categorization will simplify this process and will put all invoices through one funnel into your AP department.


Data capture and verification

Invoices often need to be matched against other relevant documents, such as purchase orders and delivery notes. By automating data capture and verification, information will automatically be digital and verification is possible with all available data sources such as ERP data.


Invoice routing and approval

In case invoices need to be approved by one or multiple persons in your organization, they need be routed. With workflow automation, approving invoices doesn’t take much more than just a few mouse clicks, and the invoice will automatically be processed or routed to the next approver with your comments.

AP automation benefits

  • Improve approval times and compliancy
  • Maximize your profitability
  • Move your suppliers to self-service
  • Integrate automatic processes with your back-end/ERP systems quickly