Automation Anywhere

Create software robots to automate any process end-to-end.

Dynatos is certified distributor and integration partner of Automation Anywhere, the global leader in enterprise robotic process automation (RPA). Automation Anywhere combines traditional RPA with cognitive elements such as natural language processing and reading unstructured data.

The technology is built upon three pillars: Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation, and Digital Workforce Analytics.

Cognitive bots that learn as they work, and analytics that can change the way you operate.

Automation Anywhere RPA software is built for business users to record and deploy robots without needing any coding skills. It makes it much, much easier to automate tasks since it is a scriptless form of technology – meaning business and IT users can both learn and utilize it. The technology is absolutely drag, drop, go, repeat.

Automation Anywhere Benefits

  • Simple
    RPA that’s so easy every employee can use it – for any process, anywhere in the business
  • Hyper flexible
    Implement anywhere in the business, in any technology environment
  • Ultra-Secure
    Architected for enterprise security standards
  • End-to-end Compliance
    Automatic audit logs with detailed information for RPA governance