Welcome on our Dynatos blog page. The world of process automation is both extremely lively as well as in continuous development. We are learning a lot every day and we want to share our knowledge with you. That is why we have started a weblog. In this blog we will provide you with tips and tricks to get the most out of your processes and we will discuss and analyze the newest technological developments and trends.

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Net als bij elke verandering in een proces, moet je goed nagaan of er een business case voor RPA is,

Of course it must deliver benefits

What is the number one condition for business process efficiency? It has to deliver business benefits. This applies, for instance, to the introduction of new workflows, but also if you…
Van automatisering naar robotisering

The next step in Automation

Every company wants to work as efficiently as possible. Therefore, automating business processes is a logical step. Your Finance Group is likely to have a number of areas that can…

Dynatos expands operations to the Nordics

Dynatos, the Financial Process Optimization competence center of Cronos Group, expands its operations to the Nordics, with a new office in Copenhagen Denmark. Cronos Group is a leading European tech…

All You Can Beat With E-invoicing

Finance Automation
e-Invoicing is crucial in today’s business and is a must-have for organizations that have enhanced big data, e-commerce and analytics as part of their business strategy. e-Invoicing enables significant efficiency gains and…

Thank you 2017, our review

Thank you 2017. What a year! Definitely “time flies, when you’re having fun”. We welcomed new products in our portfolio, new opportunities and ambitious customers… It was an exciting year! Some…

The New Role of Procurement

Finance Automation
Over the years, the role of procurement has evolved from just being the “buying” department to an internal consultant team. The “policy” or “procedure” watchers of the past, now have…

Dynatos expands operations to Iberia

Dynatos, the Financial Process Optimization competence center of Cronos Group, expands its operations to Spain and Portugal, with a new office in Madrid. Cronos Group is a leading Belgium IT-service…

Dynatos Modern Finance Event 2017

Sun, 25°C and the port of Antwerp: the perfect combination for our annual Customer Event. It’s early in the morning and we start the preparation: –        Stands: check! –        Sound: check!…

The team behind the scenes

Dynatos, Project management
Lights, camera, action! That is the start of every morning… Every story emerges with the first call to our potential customers. We strive for new opportunities and the preparation of our…