Are you still sending invoices in an envelope, or as a PDF file? With e-invoicing, invoices can be sent in any preferred format, and though any channel. Sending invoicing digitally enables significant cost benefits and minimalizes labor interruption.

Cost savings with e-invoicing are numerous. Savings can be realized on costs necessary to send invoices per postal mail, such as print consumables, print infrastructure cost, labor costs needed to get the invoice ready for sending. Furthermore, savings are possible on costs made to follow up unpaid invoices, to send reminders or to send invoices to debt collection agencies.

(Indirect) savings which are the result better formatting and invoice shipping, that comes with more efficient follow up of payments on which the client can be stimulated with faster payments. For example, the automatically formatting and shipping of invoices with payment reference and early payment discounts and sending of attachments and delivery to platforms where it is possible to pay invoices. Also, savings can be realized on archiving costs of invoices on paper relative to e-Archiving. A Billentis study shows us that the switch from a paper invoice to an electronic invoice can gain you cost savings up to 6,60 euro per invoice.

E-invoicing benefits

  • Additional (automated) checks prevent errors in the billing process
  • Almost immediate shipping & delivery to the customer
  • Better control options
  • Efficient management of cash flow and liquidity
  • Extensive reporting