Plug and Play Apps for SAP, easy built on Neptune Software

Deliver business anytime, anywhere with mobile and web apps for SAP built on Neptune Software, ready to use Fiori® apps in just a weeks or even days. Dynatos brings powerful SAP ABAP® and Fiori® UX capabilities to life today together with Neptune Software, so you can deliver the fast, secure and mobile UX applications your users need, when they need them, to keep business moving forward.

Fiori apps built without ABAP coding

Dynatos is certified partner of Neptune Software, a leading software platform for developing mobile applications and web interfaces (Fiori apps) for SAP users. Neptune Software provides the most cost efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available as Fiori apps on your telephone, tablet and desktop. Being the only solution on the market that directly leverages SAP’s own source code ABAP, we maximize the use of the customer’s existing SAP set-up, while minimizing the need for integration. This makes it possible to enable your SAP processes on your mobile devices in just a few weeks – or even days – while maintaining the highest security requirements.

Why Neptune Software?

Neptune Software is the fastest, easiest and most affordable solution to enable and optimize SAP functionalities on your mobile devices, based on your existing SAP infrastructure. Neptune Software is the only SAP ABAP® solution for SAP Fiori® UX.

The tight integration with SAP’s own source code not only enables fast and secure implementations, it also minimizes the total lifecycle cost, thus providing a rapid return on investment.

Some examples of this are that when using Neptune there is no need for additional servers or middleware and associated integration set-up and maintenance cost. Neptune also fully leverages the system set-up and authorization structure in SAP, thus avoiding duplication of maintenance work. Combining Neptune with the new mobile cloud offerings from SAP you have a secure affordable complete enterprise mobility solution in a few days.

The software portfolio includes