Dynatos and Readsoft, the perfect match for financial process automation

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With over 80 man-year experience in ReadSoft technology, we have helped over 120 companies to become best in class in the area of Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash. ReadSoft belongs to the software portfolio of Kofax.

ReadSoft’s solutions for Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) automation, makes information available for all users at exactly the right moment  This enables companies and shared service centers to efficiently organize and reproduce financial processes due to automation. ReadSoft provides in the cloud and on-premise solutions.

Capture solutions

The market leading scan and capture software of ReadSoft reads and recognizes the most important information from scanned or electronic documents, fast and with the highest accuracy. The ReadSoft Software includes intelligent pattern recognition technology: the software learns itself how to interpret a set of template documents, to then process the various documents and the captured data further to corresponding business applications.

This reduces the chance of manual errors.

Information from for example invoices, customer orders, receipts and order confirmations is directly handed over to the respective financial or ERP system, such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, and will processed and digitally archived.

The most popular ReadSoft solutions are ReadSoft Process Director, ReadSoft Online and ReadSoft INVOICES.

The software portfolio includes