Readsoft Process Director

ReadSoft Process Director for SAP is the leading software solution for finance automation in SAP. With Process Director as central platform for financial process automation, you get the maximum out of your existing SAP investments. ReadSoft Process Director presents all relevant information in a compact, real-time overview in your SAP interface. The as even user-friendly web interface enables faster onboarding and internal acceptation within your organization.

Why ReadSoft Process Director?

With Process Director as SAP certified solution, you benefit from one central portal in order to control all relevant financial processes within SAP. This insight and overview enables better control on processes such as accounts payable, purchase orders, financial postings and master data management. Other processes that can be automated with ReadSoft Process Director are master data management and sales order automation.

Process Director Accounts Payable ‘Control Center’

Process Director matches invoice information automatically with the data of purchase orders and the master data in SAP, also called three-way matching. Process Director Accounts Payable runs within your existing SAP environment.

Workflows (Work Cycle)

The Work Cycle module offers workflow management within Process Director, which offers you the possibility to easily involve the right and relevant colleagues in the certain processes. Workflows can easily be designed by your own team and does not require knowledge of SAP Business Workflow.

EDI Cockpit

Process EDI invoices automatically in SAP – even when they contain errors. Error-free electronic invoices will be posted directly, while EDI invoices with errors are transferred automatically to Process Director for Accounts Payable for processing using your own error-handling routines.

Supplier portal

Free up time with the supplier portal of Process Director. It enables your suppliers to easily access al invoice statuses themselves.

Mobile approval

Make approval workflows accessible on your mobile devices, in order to make your processes even more efficient.

Analytic insight

Collect complete, up-to-date and easy accessible reports with relevant information that help you to improve your SAP processes. Performance Analytics supports you in taking the right business decisions by turning process data into business intelligence.

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