Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Looking for possibilities to further automate your (financial) processes? RPA is well suited to provide tools to optimize processes within every department.

Robotic Process Automation is the now and future, but what is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation automates repetitive or manual structured tasks. The task are normally done by employees, but with RPA they are replaced by a software robot. The robotic software is a cost-efficient and reliable solution without any need of human acting.

Automatically pick up invoices from several supplier portals without human interference? Employee onboarding without human acting? Or looking to process customer complaints or send automatically E-mails to your customers with useful information such as status updates, availability and much more? With RPA you will be able to automate and robotize many different processes within the organization.

The benefits of Robotic Process Automation

The use of Robotic Process Automation knows a lot of efficiency and operational benefits.

The capacity and scalability of Robotic Process Automation know no limits. The capacity of the bots can be manually edited and the number of bots are extendable to the organization needs. Furthermore, the bots can run anytime, anywhere. The digital workforce is always ready to fulfil their tasks. Implement time based triggers or task based trigger to start the robotic processes, they will start when the times right.

Repetitive and manual tasks done by employee can be really time consuming. With Robotic software, these time consuming tasks can be executed quicker. Therefore, saving time for employees and refocus highly skilled people in the organization. Besides the profit on time consuming tasks, the quality of the processes will increase too. This because of the fact that the flaw rate is much lower when RPA takes over the manual tasks. Besides, the software will provide recommendations to improve the processes, increasing the overall process quality.

The Return On Investment is mostly reach within a year. Creating not only time based advantages but quick financial wins as well by reducing the cost of repetitive and manual processes. Let processes being executed faster, with less flaws and active feedback.


Making use of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is very useful to automate and optimize a lot of different processes within the organization. Most of the time RPA is used to automate repetitive and manual task in the area of data processing but also for launching and using applications.

Data processing

  • Following logical rules such as “if/then” rules
  • Making calculations
  • Extracting data from documents
  • Inputting data to forms
  • Extracting & reformatting data into reports or dashboards
  • Merging data from multiple sources
  • Copying and pasting data

Launching and using applications

  • Opening emails and saving attachments
  • Logging into applications (incl. Citrix)
  • Moving files and folders

When you should consider Robotic Process Automation

There are some clear processes to recognize the need for a bot. We have defined six stages for the recognition.

Highly manual and repetitive

Is there a lot of manual work needed to complete the tasks? Perfect for high frequency tasks which are running on a daily or weekly basis. Robots can easily take over these tasks, when they have a manual and repetitive character.

High volumes

Bots are partners to process a high transaction volume of standardized data. They operate a lot quicker than their human equivalent. Besides the quick processing of administrative tasks, robots do not have a nine-to-five mentality and can work 24/7, without a break.

Rule based processes

Processes with clear instructions. Decision making is based on rules which are standard and predictable.

Standard input and e-input types

The source of the inputted data should be standard and consistent, like Excel, Email, XML, Word, PDF and more.

Mature and stable processes

Documented processes, which are stable and predictable.

Low exception rates

Processes with no or less variation, leading to different handling procedures.

RPA Training and Software solutions by Dynatos

Dynatos is aware of the importance of providing our customers with up-to-date RPA-like information, functionalities and updates. In cooperation with our RPA vendors, Dynatos organizes inspiring RPA events, for example; Round table discussions, campfires and interactive Build a Bot events. Through our experience and angles of approach we have become a trusted advisor and RPA Expert. Due to the wide variety of possibilities, we are able to deliver, implement and support the best fit RPA-solution to each organization.

Dynatos Robotic Process Automation software solutions


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