Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate manual data entry and complement your existing finance automation tools with robotic process automation. With RPA, you can automate the tedious manual tasks that are hampering productivity and efficiency. Software robots are technology-agnostic and can be used in any data-driven, rule-based processes.

Why using robot software?

Robotic Process Automation speeds up the automation of repetitive and high-volume tasks and bridges system and data integration gaps. RPA does not need complex programming and testing efforts, RPA instead focuses on the ‘record, play and repeat’ type of automation. RPA relies on mimicking the actions of the user from a user interface level and has 24/7 processing capabilities. Being system independently is of the key differentiators of RPA. The software robot is non-intrusive and will function within the security controls and restricted access rights. In short, there is no compromise on security, resilience, scalability, compliance or operational governance.

Robotic Process Automation

Task bots are the tireless support team of your digital workforce. Enterprise RPA is automation for every rule-based process. Automate any business process with scalable software robots that interact with any system or application.

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive bots become your subject matter experts – learning from your best, then continuing to improve processes on their own – they are designed to make enterprise RPA processes wrinkle-free. Cognitive automation uses machine learning for semi-structured processes that need expert decision-making.

Digital Workforce Analytics

Digital workforce analytics synthesize real-time bot-level data to generate business insights that measure effectiveness and set scale. Unprecedented content-level information-that is, every action of every bot-yields real-time process statistics and operational analytics for your digital workforce.

RPA can automate processes that don’t have the volume to justify the costs, resources, and risks of a large integration project.

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