Dynatos Customer Inspiration Wave

We present to you, the Dynatos Customer Inspiration Wave! The customer day where we share our latest news, product updates and upcoming initiatives. A day on which we inspire, connect and build together. Will you be there?

Together we will look at trends such as Shared Services, Robotic Proces Automation and Intelligent Automation. No theory, but multiple sessions with experiences from experts and end users, tips and practical applications.

We’ve got a great moderator that will take us through the day and there are a number of inspiring speakers present and even a trend watcher with keynotes on Finance, IT and technological trends and innovations! More information about the final program, the speakers and final topics will follow, but here is a preview of the program:

11.00 – Welcome
11.30 – Lunch time
12.30 – Kick-off by Dynatos
”Dynatos Innovation Insights”
13.00 – Keynote session
13.45 – Break
14.45 – Keynote session
15.30 – Keynote Inspiring session
”The impact of technological developments”
16.20 – Cheers



Free registration


The Green Village
Blokhoeve 7
3438LC Nieuwegein
The Netherlands


19 September 2019 | 11:00 – 18:00
Lunch and drinks included




Tom Jessen
RTL Z | BNR | T-talks.nl


We would like to introduce the moderator of the Dynatos Customer Inspiration Wave! No other than Tom Jessen, known from RTL-Z and BNR radio, is the day chairman of the Dynatos Customer Inspiration Wave. The talented moderator, presenter and journalist takes us by the hand throughout the day, asks critical questions and ensures interaction with all speakers.

Gert-Jan de Vries
CEO Dynatos group

Dynatos Kick-off

We would like to share our latest updates and our developments from the past year. We would also like to let you know about our plans and products for the coming year, ”the Next Wave”. Be prepared for an inspirational session from the dutch CEO.

Peter Ros
Future Strategist | Founder Permanent Beta

The impact of technological developments

Entrepreneur, future strategist and founder of Permanent Beta Peter Ros was fascinated by the abundance of network and information due to his activities in the world of communication, internet, communities and apps.

He focuses on exploiting opportunities for society as a result. Peter is much in demand as a speaker on the impact of digitization and exponential technological developments in government, healthcare, education and business.

Fascination for technology and human development. Peter Ros himself calls Permanent Bèta, of which he is co-founder, his most important project of the past five years. The platform brings together representatives of the digital vanguard, social innovators, scientists, artists, government and business. Together they form a “knowledge particle accelerator” in which it is investigated how use can be made of technology and connectivity for the benefit of society.

According to Peter Ros, technology is just a big toolbox that which needs to be played. The essence (and what Peter prefers to talk about) is about tapping into the untapped potential for humanity. Intuition, guts, creativity, and resilience are the qualities that drive serendipity and innovation according to him.

Peter Ros is a very experienced and professional speaker with high ratings in various fields. His unique mix of humor, content and energy is contagious and inspiring!


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